How to Download and Install the eFPS Offline Form Application
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The eFPS Offline Form is a free and easy to use application that allows you to fill-out returns at your own convenience without having to stay connected to the internet. Once you are ready to submit the form, you will be reconnected to the eFPS website so that submission can be completed.


System Requirements:

You must have the following programs installed on your computer:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6 or higher). Click on this link to download and install the JRE.
  • WinZIP or WinRAR or any software that manages zip files.

Note: You need to have administrative rights for downloading and installing the necessary files to your computer. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

  1. Click the links to download and save the following files to your desktop or a different folder on your computer:

    a.                   eFPS Offline Form Generator -

    b.                  eFPS Offline Form Template  -

  2. Create a folder named "C:/eFPSOfflineFormApp" where C is the name of your hard drive.
  3. Extract into “C:/eFPSOfflineFormApp”. The files/directories below should be extracted to the folder indicated:
    • eFPSOfflineForm.jar
    • eFPS Offline .bat
    • lib
      • jFdfTk.jar
      • Cobra.jar
      • js.jar
  4. Extract into sub-folder named “lib” under " C://eFPSOfflineFormApp”. You should see:
    • eFPSOfflineForm.jar
  5. The eFPSOffline Form Application is now installed on your computer. Refer to the “How to Use the eFPS Offline Form” in the Job Aids page for more information on using the application.